TCAD for web

If you want to add some CAD-Drawing function into application, using OLE mode, it is too tired to understand its concept..., programming it from scratch, You will spend more time! Now, You can using TCAD to help you write application.


Develop environments

Server Side:OS Windows, IIS
Develop language: C# & .NET 1.1
Client Side:OS Windows, IE,HTML,JavaScript


"TCAD for WEB", it is a Windows Form Control that works under .NET framworks. it can be used to create B/S application with the vector graphics functionality . Customers can easily create, edit, manage and save 2D vector drawings. The file format is based on XML format, that independed with control's version. It will save you valuable time.

This TCAD version is written from the scratch and completely new. The whole component package is created Visual Studio  2005 & C# code. it can be used under Windows Form Applications and HTML inside Internet Explorer (IE6.0 or higher), they all need .NET 2.0(or later version) installed.


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Basic function list

Advance function list

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