Press for TCAD events

+ : added new functions,property,events
- : fixed bugs
! : improved functions and effects

[VCL] TCAD 2010.10


Upgrade information:

[+] TCAD support Delphi XE2/XE3 64bit now

[VCL] TCAD 2010.10


Upgrade information:

[+] Support Embarcadero RAD Studio 2011.
[-] Fixed text object saving in Delphi 2010.

[VCL] TCAD 2010.5


Upgrade information:

[+] Added a new function for adding arc shape by center point, radius, start angle and end angle.
[-] Fixxed property inspector in unicode string.

[!] Improved the dxf importing of R12 format.

[VCL] TCAD 2010 upgrade


Upgrade information:

[+]Add DisableTextInput property. it will hide text input dialog when you draw a text shape by mouse.
Add GridInZoom property. the grid size will be related with zooming when you set this value as True.
[+]Add PenStyleEndCapType for TMyCAD and TMyShapes object.
[+]Add PenStyleJoinType for TMyCAD and TMyShapes object.
[+]Add HotShow property for shape object.

[+]Add RotateEnable for shape object.

[-]Fix the CenterPoint position error when you paste shapes.
Fix the unrecognizable character of the library shape name when you open the library file.

[VCL] TCAD xp.i.5 upgrade


Upgrade information:

[+]Support Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010.
Add saving file of XML format in "Editor Demo".
Improve adding TMyRectangle of shape when double click.
[-]Fix the "Editor Demo" error when you cut/paste some times.
Fix the LoadFromFile when in Delphi 2009 and Vista environment.
[-]Fix the undo problem in grouping shapes.

[WEB] TCAD xp for web demo released

2009-04-03 Please try online demo it >>>>

[VCL] TCAD xp.i.4 upgrade


Upgrade information:

[-]Fix the GroupShapes,when you use GroupShapes, set the current selected shape as the grouped shape.
Fix the CenterPoint when in elliptical arc shape, it gets the center point in shape inside.
Fix the importing dxf file when in zoom status.
[!]Improve the "SizeShape" can working on side point.
Improve the "Print" procedure, print the actual size of paper.

[VCL] TCAD xp.i.2 upgrade


Upgrade information:

[+]Add a new B-Line shape type, you can add a free curve and all the drawing points cross it.
[+]Add "ArcMode" property for TMyCAD, you can select the arc mode before drawing.
[-]Fix the drawing of the Arc with arcMode as amEllipse.

[VCL] TCAD xp.i.1 upgrade


Upgrade information:

[-]Fix the resizing of user-defined shape.
[-]Fix the deleting of child shape.
[+]Add the TransparentColor and TransparentMode of the TMyImage object, see the below picture.

[VCL] TCAD xp.I released!


Upgrade information:

1.TMyline can combine TMyline and TPolyline shape, you can view the screenshot.
2.Cancel property
This 3 property is no use now, because we have rewrite the font display and print module,all is prefect now.
3.Change log of TCAD Editor demo project (VCL edition)
*Move "Printer setup" menu item to Preview form, after you click "Print", the Printer setup window will be shown;
*Change the About form, added the website link ""

Please get our help at

[VCL]TCAD xp.h.4 minor upgrade


[+] added Free Drawing function
[!] fix ARC drawing bug,please view the picture to know more.

[VCL]TCAD xp.h.4 released


[!] Improve the center and text out point of the linkline when dragging the link shape.
[-] Fix small selectting problem when set OperateAllLayer as false.
[-] Fix the DragMode property.
[-] Fix the CenterPoint count method.
[-] Fix the trace of dragging, rotating in multi mode.
[-] Fix the memoery out of the gradient.
[-] Fix the print of the brush style
[-] Fix the the flipping of text info.
[+] Add a new property CharacterSpace for MyText object.

TCADxpDOTNET updated!


[FIXXED] Fix bugs in produces of GetLeftBottom, GetRightBottom.
[FIXXED] Fix bug in SelectAllShapes produce.
[FIXXED] Fix bug of memory out when drawing.
[FIXXED] Fix the cross line of the linkline.
[FIXXED] Fix LinkLine position when created shape by code under zoom status.
[IMPROVED] Improve the file size of image shape.
[ADDED] Add a new property for image object, when you set OriginSize as true, it will show real size.


[+] Add a new shape object of round rectangle.
[+] Add a new shape object of wave line
[!] Fix a bug when importing tcad file.


[+] Add dxf(R12 format) importing, support Line,Polyline,Rectangle,Polygon,Circle,Arc,PolyBezier,Ellipse and Text importing.
[+] Add free drawing.
[!] Fix a bug when sizing shape.

TCAD xp for Delphi 2007 released!


TCAD xp.h.3


[-] Select a small shape when in zoom status.
[-] Fix a memory out of undo.
[-] Fix OnShapeMouseResized event.
[-] Fix BkBitmap drawing in stretch.
[+] Add new print methods PreviewSelectedShapes/PrintSelectedShapes, you can preview or print that you selected shapes.
[+] Add new properties ShowHorizontalSideHot/ShowVerticalSideHot for TMyRectangle.
[+] Add new event OnShapeMouseResizeFinished.


TCAD xp.h.2


[-] Upgrade library convert from xp.a to xp.e,xp.e to xp.h
[-] Fix undo error
[-] Fix TMyRectangle.GetLengthByUnit
[-] Fix a bug when you delete layer with locked shape
[-] When you use CreateShapeByCode to add Arc which all three point in a straight line, it will create a line.
[-] Fix a bug filling gradiant color for a rotated polygon.
[!] Move TMyShape.InWhichHot to Pulbic session.
[!] Improve library feature, when form new shape based on a userdefined shape which it is only one child shape, then the new shape will be a simple shape.
[+] You can ungroup a userdefined shape formed from library .
[+] Add a new mode: "Browse" , you can only select shape,can't delete,edit existed shapes.

2007-01-15 released!

[-] Fix a bug when import TCAD file.
[-] Fix a bug of locking group-shape.
[-] Fix a bug when brush ellipse/polygon/rectangel when zooming
[-] Fix a bug when operate undoing


TCAD xp.h.1

[-] Fix the PageHead\PageFoot printing.
[-] Fix the function of importing from tcad file.
[-] Fix the resizing of grouped shape.
[-] Fix the dragging trace in mode.
[-] Fix the resizing in mode.
[-] Fix the access error when drag a side border while holding the shift key.
[-] Fix the horizontal alignment while setting the style's bold property as true.
[-] Fix shape rotating after ungroup a rotated grouped shape.
[-] Fix shape rotating when flipped.
[-] Fix the position of info when flipped.
[-] Fix the resizing of grouped shape when set proptional resize.
[-] Fix the bug, undoing when you ungroup a shape, update the group shape id in memory shapes.
[-] Consider the zoom in adding image by code
[-] clear the tangly drawing trace when draw a free link line.
[!] Enhance the function of AddShapeByCode, when you in other mode, it count points position automatically.
[+] Add a new property DragTrace of TMyCAD class.
[+] Add a new property ShowSideHot of TMyRectangle class.

TCAD xp.h

[+] Add a mouse operation of draging whole shapes, and a event OnWholeDragged will touch off.
[+] Add a public procedure of GetShapesByLayerId, you can get all shapes by layer.
[+] Add a public procedure of PasteFromMyCAD, you can paste shapes in multi-canvas.
[+] Add two shape aligning operation, average width and average height.
[+] Add three properties of LogWidth, LogHeight, LogUse of shape. you can set text in width and height.
Save tag value of Canvas.
public IsClickedMe procedure, you can judge a point in shape or not.
[-] Fix the bug of shape selecting in multi-layers when delete a layer.
[-] Fix the big font of text when wordwrap set as true.
[-] Fix the delete shape when a child shape is seleted..
[!] Improve the Lock property of a shape, lock the info together.
[!] Improve the draging track of grouped shape.

TCAD xp.g

[+] Support the TCAD working in Borland Develop Studio 2006.
[+] Fix the bug of the DeleteRecordByKey in the TUserData.
[-] Fix the bug when you delete all the shapes if the child shape is selected.
[-] Fix the small shape select in front of a big shape.
[-] Fix the SizeShape procedure.
[-] Fix the GetPoint procedure.
[-] Fix the bug of showing the info when add shape by code.
[!] Remove the fields LinkPoints,LinkShapesNo of the shape to public.
[!] Improve the LockBound property, don't resize off canvas when you set LockBound as true.
[!] Improve the conflict of the Snap and LockBound [!] Hide all the hots when you set HotShow as false

TCAD xp.f

[+] add a "LockBound" property of MyCAD object,drag a shape out of bound or not.
[+] add a "AssociateSideResizing" of MyRectangle object,specify the relationship when resizing the side of shape.
[-] fix a bug when you resizing in another Mode.
[-] enable the "ShowHotLink" property in effect.
[-] Show the correct TCAD version and TCAD disk version.
[-] fix a bug when you use the CreateAddShapeByName procedure.
[!] Move SetPointX in public.
[!] Paste the sub-shapes first when paste a grouped shape.
[!] Improve AddShapeByCode procedure with create a TMyLineLinkLine object.

TCAD xp.e

+ Support multi-lines for the info property of a shape.
+ Support user-difine cursor.
+ add user-define rotating by code
- fix paste procedure
- fix a rotating bug.
- fix a resize bug when you resize the the shape of TMyRectangle using the SelectedHotId big than 3.
! support user-define the x y value when you operate a shape, include OnShapeMouse... events.
! Public the SetCursorClipArea procedure.

TCAD xp.d

+shape has 8 hotspots now
!fix bug prevent not linked line between shapes
!fix bug prevent sized to zero height or zero width for a shape

TCAD xp.c

+ support Delphi2005 VCL (win32) now
+ add property preZoom, it saves last zoom value
+ add events condition from selected Shape to no shape selected
! Property TMyShape.SelectHotId to pulic session
! TMyShape.IsClickedMe move to protect session
! ChildWorkingShape move to public session
- fix TMyArc drawing bug
- fix bug for resize aciton and then undo
- fix bug for TMyImage transparent after flipped

TCAD demo for dotNET released

+ it is created by TCAD for C# and C# develop tool
note:TCAD for C# package will be released in 2-3 weeks.

TCAD xp.b

+ support brush.bitmap to fill a closed shape
+ select shapes by layer id
+ get close shape area by getinfo function
- fix bug print a too tiny line
- the even OnShapeAdded tigger while pasting
- fix bug snap to grid and existed shape
- fix bug for TMyArc prevent the second point same as first point
- fix bug TMyText still remain source shape's style after pasted.

TCAD xp.a.3

+ Finish TMyPolygon drawing by double- click or by call a procedure TMyCAD.ClosePolygon
- Error code when adding TMyText shape by code with angle
- Can't show TMyImage's border
- Parent shape's font change, child not changed
- Fix the childshape order when grouped

TCAD xp.a.2

- when import drawing file, existed shape change the pen and brush
- remove import mode operation for layer: [append] removed,[Import] and [merge] reserved

TCAD xp.a.1

+ supporting mouse cursor style
+ grouping one shape
+ add property RotateConstrainDegree to Constrain rotation to any degreees
+ stop the printing of invisible shape
+ add/remove point for TMyPolyline and TMyPolygon
+ add/remove point for TMyPolyline and TMyPolygon events add
+ TCADHotKey - to create hot key sets into your application + Hotkeydemo - for manager hot key lists with TCADHotKey
+ Translate demo- translate value to other word and value list to other word.
    you can let clRed displayed as REDCOLOR in value list.
- fixing Rule component bug
- fixing group/ungroup shapes order bug
- fixing sizing rotated shape bug
- fixing select a small shape under big shape bug

TCAD xp.a

+ Support multi- lines for TMyText shape;
! Support intelligent linkline

TCAD xp.9.1

+ you can edit the child shape even it be combined;
+ when a child shape be selected,event OnchildShapeSelected happen.
+ Not effect to a shape exist at a hide layer;
! remove the font logwidth and loghegiht properties, using Font.size instead;

TCAD xp.9

+ new component RuleLine
+ flip shape
+ can adjust Bright,Contrast for TMyImage and can GrayScale() it.
+ TMyShape.Visible,when it is false,the shape cannot be select,resize and  rotate and group.
! Mouse snap feature
! Mycad.Copy(),low cost spend at memory
- Child shape always according parent shape even it has own setting,and now fix it.

TCAD xp.8

+ new type added TArrUserDataRecord, it is for TUserData class;
+ Add TMyCAD Property
  + GridColor:TColor
  + GridPenSize:Byte
  + ShowHotLink:Boolean
+ Add TMyShape Property
  + UserData:TUserData , you can add any user- define property at here, work out of Database!

TCAD xp.6

+ Added “FreeStyle” linkline style
+ Added align horizontal,vertical centers
+ Nice help file,add class diagrams,help developers
+ two file format for help file,WinHelp and Adobe pdf
+ add grouping function in libraryManager,easy to create libraries
+ support Text,Block for DXF (R12)
! speed loading from file
! add trial times to 500
! removeTMyShape.HotspotDisplay,TMyShape.Timer
! work out managing TComponent.Name; TComponent.Owner; TComponent.Create by Delphi&C+ + Builder, instead fast managment,speed it。
! change the data type , from Extended to Single:
! change the data type , from Extended to Single
- fix cannot get the center point when TMyRectangle and it’s child height is zero
- when loaded file, don’t compute the center point for TMyShape
- operate the shapes on other layers

TCAD xp.4

- fix the bug,when you add a TMyImage in user- define shape and set it transparent but load it to your application, it is not transparent;
! Remain stay in center for the middle point of TMyElliArc;
! Support import/export dxf file in AutoCAD R12.
- fix file save bugs
! change TLibManager.GetCmbshapeImage ,TMyCAD.AddUserDefineShape parameter

TCAD xp.2

! snap to shape's outline;
! can show infomation for a shape beside it, and it can drag to anywhere;
+ Resize a shape by code;

TCAD xp.1

+ Change the library and file's struct,provide the convert tool for xp(2006.1) to xp.1(2006.1.1)
+ suport font's style.


for TMyCAD and TMyShape
+ supporting gradientstyle color filling;
+ supporting hollow style words;
+ supporting Sendbackbystep,Bringtofrontbystep;
+ TMyCAD.SetImage can load image in bmp,jpg,gif format;
+ adding new page style A0,A1,A2;
+ adding three events,OnShapeDragged,OnShapeRotated,OnShapeResized;
+ importing block of your template file;
+ supporting merge layers;
+ supporting export DXF file;
! nice help document. ! the speed if fast than TCAD mx 60 times, when there are 4000 shapes exist;
! the points of the shape is in "extended" type now ;
! snap grid, not only when drawing , but also dragging existed shape;
! simplify the parameter of OnShapeDragging,OnShapeRotating,OnShapeResizing;
! change the procedure PopFromUndoRedoShapeList to function, the result is how many step stored in undo lists;
! replace Addshapefromlibbycode with AddUserDefineShapefromLib,and the paramter is few and easy to call;
! when a shape is locked, showing gray hotshot;
! easy to select a uprightness line;
! when linkline linked a shape,it is look like break;
- remove the property TMyShape.OffsetX,OffsetY;
- remove the procedure TMyShape.SetDrawShadowMode;
- fix when execute DeleteAllLayer, the LayerId error;
- fix the shapes in same layer after loaded from file even they in different layers;
- fix cann't change the pen, brush property when the combine shape(user define shape)load from a file;
- fix the icon of user- define shape lost one pixel on the right and bottom;
for Object inspector

+ In ComponentComboBox, you can replace your word in your idea and your country language;
+ In ComponentInspector , you can replace your word in your idea and your country language;
+ can hide any property that you don't show;
+ when you select more shapes,the object inspector can show property that they own each other

TCAD mx news

+ Library create tool(GUI) ;
+ Dynamic link line supported , using mouse or code, like VISIO;
+ Support line crossing;
+ Support line breaking;
! Change the mouse action, drawing shape like AutoCAD;

TCAD2004.1 news

+ support antiAliased font ;
+ can draw Arc,Chord,Sector correct and easy;
+ Undo support;
- fix bug,when ungroup, sometime can not show hint;

TCAD2003.1.2 news

for TCAD:
+ Add property left- top- right- botton space for print- border
+ Split state machine:the Resize selecting and Rotate selecting, easy to draw;
+ Nice hotspot appear now;
+ Added property RotateEnable,ResizeEnable;
+ TMyText shape will be resized around with the group shape if in the group shape;
+ TMyArc can be rotated and resized now;
+ Can snap the shape when it is in resizing;

for TCAD Editor example:
+ Added zoom in or out a region;
+ Added mechanical component drawing and electric drawing;
+ After you begin a new drawing, the project added a layer automatic;
+ Page head and footer added;
+ House plan sample added;
! fast drawing(painting);
! Rewrite the painting event, can zoom to 3000% and fast.

TCAD2003.1 news

+ Add Object Inspector
+ Add Event OnShapeDeleted
+ Add Function GetShapeId
+ Place BkBitmap at property list
+ When you set a shape name, caption is setted as name
+ Add property version
- Fix the bug of Layer option

TCAD2002.8 news

+ Support rotating and scaling all shapes in a group;
+ Show the rotating marker when a shape or a grouper shape be selected;
+ property Tag and Caption for TMyShape;
+ Add TMyGroupedShape;
- Fix a bug in Layer related procdure;
! Improved source code to make it easier to read and understand;

TCAD2002.7 news

+ property HotSpotDisplay :boolean
+ property GridType:TGridType
+ Display grid by pixel or line
+ Event OnShapeCodeRotating
+ Event OnShapeCodeDraging
+ Polybezier shape added
+ Dimension lineShape added

TCAD2002.6.1 news

+ Support 4 mode coordinates, to fit your need
+ User- Defined combine shape interface published;
+ Method addcmbShape to add user- defined shape by code;
+ Add property shapetool=spClose,to close draw,drag,resize,rotate fucntion;
+ When line width more than 1,still can draw dot,dash,dash- dot line;
! Help file update:
     How to access points of a shape
     How to create a user- defined shape