Products, ordering and payment
Q:Can TCAD used under MS Vista and codedear 2009,2010?
A:Yes, it can, we have tested it and released!
Q:How can I get the product after I order it.
A:We have a server for releasing product, you can view your order and license, download TCAD product.If you use Paypal , we appove it at once,if you use credit card,We can appove in 1 day after you paid, it is easy and effect. (we send download instructions to you by email);
Q:What is your supporting method? Is upgrading product free?
A:You can get our help though MSN,Skype,EMail,telephone.You can get free upgrade in 3,6,12 month(according your license), if expired, you should pay us to get upgrade.
Q:How can I upgrade to other license from one license?
A:You pay us the price in difference between them.
Q:We are developing a project, but can't confirm TCAD can fit to us or not.
A:You can download our trial version to test it,TCAD is powerful component, you can send the requirement to, we can give you suggestion.
Q:Is TCAD component created by yourself ?
A:Yes, TCAD component is created by ourselves and the license no. is [2006SR03920] in chinese, More than 500 clients around the world using TCAD to develop their applications.
Q:Can I visit your company?
A:Yes, you can call us to get the detail location of our company. We are in China, Welcome to our company.
Site design
Q:We have site too, your content could be of interest to our web site visitors,can we exchange the link?
A:of course, please read more at here>>>.