I create a Windows Maker base on TCAD, it is easy to write software and really save my time,click here to view my application.


Another software: Firefighters to make theirs fighting plans and practices. This application is based on Your TCAD VCL library as well. I used formerly prepared TCAD files as templates,by this way users have a guideline to make professional drawings.


I spent a long time looking for a suitable application for Inking with a small Tablet convertible running XP. I finally found FreeDesktop from www.codeidea.com. This is an excellent simple tool, but was not at that time entirely correct for the purpose that I had in mind. I contacted Hongbin Fei, who was exceptionally helpful and friendly, and who tailored the application to exactly the parameters that I needed.

I was really impressed that someone who turns out to be a very senior person in this Company would take the trouble to do this work and always to respond promptly, efficiently and in a friendly manner. I can highly recommend this organization - if they can work in this way for a single non-commercial client, then I would have no doubt that the service to a commercial purchaser for more elaborate software and applications would be at least similarly attentive and competent.

Anthony P Bedford

We're a leading SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) service provider in Australia. Two of the product's most attractive features are its rich schematic editing and display functionality. The schematic graphics has pre defined animation rules driven by real time value. E.g. a reservoir showing its dynamic water level, a pump indicating its water flowing status.

To be able to achieve the required schematic function, we need a powerful cad component developed in the Borland environment, which can be provided by TCAD. TCAD can provide most of our required schematic functions, such as basic shape editing, event driven shape attributes updating, dynamic graphic refresh with very efficient CPU usage. If we need to develop similar functionalities offer by TCAD, we will need to spend at least a few more months on development. TCAD only costs a few hundred dollars, but it can help us win some multi million dollar contracts world wide. click here to view my application.
Vivien Wang
Software Engineer

We have visited TCAD client - Rainnier at South Africa, He is a PhD at Freestate college,Create a water-related project by TCAD component.



TCAD component can be used in all classes of developing of simulation application, and decrease the user's workload. i throwed away of my own graphic way.

Give me the biggest impression, it can adapt for user's requirement, perfect the component. from my first look to now, it already upgraded more times. Whis this component will be get ahead. click here to view my projects.


Jian Feng. Tang
China Oil University

We are Kern Concept AG from Switzerland, developers of the successful medical application “Aeskulap”. For our new dentist module we searched a component which helps us to develop a complex graphical user interface where we can show the set of teeth and than the dentist can select regions and give a diagnosis to it.

We decided to use TCAD, because its functionality and the excellent manual convinced us. During the development we really realized how fast and easy TCAD is and moreover we always received a friendly, fast and competent support from the TCAD team.
But see yourself what we were able to do with this excellent component… click here to view my application.



We've found TCAD libraries very helpful to fast-track software development of the Easy Template application.
Easy Template is the software for Digital Templator - laser measurement system, which supports whole survey process and allows creating instant DXF files. click here to view my application.


Marcin Michel


If you ever want to make any kind of cad application in C++ Builder or DelphiThen look no further. This is a absolute winner !!!!I’ve been programming for almost 15 years and made all kind of applications,every time I had to build from scratch, this time I’ll used this component to buildsome cad function into it and I must say, it’s just brilliant! ,and what a support.Keep up the good work to the codeidea team! click here to view my application.

Software engineer
Danny Van den Heuvel VDH Automation

I think that TCAD is the best cad drawing component for Delphi on the internet today!! It is very easy to use and have all the functions for making a modern CAD program. The technical support is outstanding and I was able to make my application in record time. I am very happy with this product,It will save time!


TCAD is a powerful Delphi component which allows a person to intergrate cad drawings into your Delphi or Kylix application. It has an excellent user manual and I found it easy to learn. Download your own trial today to see what I like about it!


Andre van Zuydam
 Spiceware Software
South Africa

The TCAD component is very well suited for what I need, including vector drawing and displaying shapes and bitmaps that can be interacted with. I can place shapes anywhere on the map, set display options, and move them around as needed, in code. This can be done smoothly and without flicker, which is very important when developing games.

Gino Costa
Programmer, Matrix Games

Before beginning development, I have carried out search of CAD-components for Delphi, have analysed their work. TCAD is an excellent product with very wide functionality. The product still young, but quickly and constantly develops.
I shall note good work of technical support at a forum. Using this component, our company has create the application and saved many money. Thanks TCAD developers!

Bolshakov Oleg
Leading Developer, Project header
OOO NTP Stelth

Two months before , I got a project  and explored the internet and testing several components to find a good and easy product. Yours is a lot faster and more effect, it save my time!

Sheng liren
Shanghai Insitute of Application Physics

We Design “Micro vector drawings” for cnc machines. TCAD saves me a lot of time in the Development of our software  application we had a fully functional Program within on week of receiving TCAD .The backup and support we received deserves phrase.And TCAD is constantly being upgraded .We are very happy with this  product.

Tony Hull
CNC Motion Systems