window maker and theirs agents who can create windows drawing easily in many variations.
by this software they will get the following advantages:
- they can draw windows easily in correct ratio and show to customers
- they can create correct price offers since all parts is calculated in background knowing tool parameters and dimensions
-production sheets automatically created including part list and raw material optimized cutting.
-less fault and less customer reclamation thanks to correct drawing

Firefighters to make theirs fighting plans and practices.
This application is based on Your TCAD VCL library as well.
I used formerly prepared TCAD files as templates,by this way users have a guideline to make professional drawings.


Power control system screenshot

Industry pipeline drawing application based on TCAD

It is medical application “Aeskulap”. a complex graphical user interface where we can show the set of teeth and than the dentist can select regions and give a diagnosis to it.
Digital Templator is an ultimate, complete solution dedicated for stone
industry. The first on the market fully functional, precise, fast and comfortable system can easily beat the competition, and became a musthave tool for a billion dollar industry.
automation project from danny
biz model building by Ulisses from Brazil
It is a house plan drawing sample,no lib need to draw this,fast and easy.
Electric drawing,library need , and support link line, TCAD is a powerful for “link line style” drawing.
Design of vector drawings from cnc machines .Using TMyElliArc to create this complex dragon.
If you are a teacher or student,TCAD can draw math graph,you can copy the graph to MS Word . Creating math graph library,can speed your work.
Project:Eletric device manager Compay:xian college,China
Project: REC. Hydraulic Design Company: Russia. OOO NTP "Stelth"
It is a industry controlling system.

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